Why conduct regular sweeping?

Asset Protection:

As a building owner or tennant it is natural for you to want to protect your asset and to minimise any expenses. As sand, dirt and other debris act as an abrasive substance, particularly when driven over by heavy vehicles, this can wear away the seal coating or line marking on concrete or other surfaces.

Maintenance sweeping can minimise the abrasive action by removing the debris so it is not ground into the surface. Companies overseas claim this can improve the effective life of a paved area by as much as double. It is also important to note that dirt collected allows weeds to take root further impacting on surface degradation.

Internal impact:

This same sand, dirt and debris will be carried into your premises either by vehicular traffic or foot traffic assisting in the build up of dirt inside impacting on the cleanliness of your offices, showrooms or work environment.


It is well recognised that people make value judgements based on first impressions. Do you think your customers or clients would prefer to see a professionally managed property or one that looks like it is in need of some restoration.

No matter how good your premise is inside or how professional your services are, once a person develops a perception it is very hard to change.


As OH&S laws are becoming more powerful and workplace safety more important, a professional sweeping service can remove dust and debris that would otherwise be considered unpleasant to inhale or can act as a slip/fall/trip hazard.


Like OH&S laws, environmental laws are becoming more stringent also. Councils are fining more companies for area contamination for dust and dirt that is transferred out of business premises.

Plus there are tougher laws on storm water run off and the reduction of debris that enters these systems. A regular sweeping service will ensure that these issues are controlled thereby avoiding potentially expensive fines.

Some of our customers have been fined previously for $1500 and up to $10,000 dollars. Now with our regular service these fines have not recurred.

Lead from the front:

As any leader will tell you, you lead from the front. If you want your employees to ensure their workplace is clean and clutter free, they need to see that you are committed to the same, not just demanding they take care of it themselves.

A clean workplace can assist in improving employees motivation and have a positive impact on productivity.