We use the latest equipment to ensure we are providing the best possible solution for your scrubbing needs. The scrubbing process typically involves the application of a chemical solution which is scrubbed into the surface with up to 180kg of pressure.

This solution is then recovered from the floor via the vacuum squeegee system at the rear of the scrubbing machine. Typically the floor is touch dry immediately but will take 5 - 20 minutes to dry out more thoroughly depending on ambient conditions.

By using different chemicals and scrubbing brushes or pads, a range of different surfaces can be treated with varying surface contaminants being removed.

We can scrub raw or sealed concrete, epoxy or vinyl. We have even scrubbed a wooden floor to remove flood damage.

We can also scrub unsealed concrete during the construction process to prepare the surface for sealing treatment.

To provide a thorough scrubbing service we can manually clean in corners, around posts and any other areas the machines can not get into.

We currently use two scrubber types to allow both small and large jobs to be done effectively.

Nilfisk Advance BR850:

This is a battery powered ride on scrubber which scrubs an 850mm wide path. It is a very nimble machine and can scrub aisles and walkways down to approximately 1m wide.

This unit is very effective at cleaning in tight spaces. It has a side shifting scrubbing deck to allow it to run right up against a wall or underneath the outside edge of pallets in racking. This unit is ideal for using pads over epoxy floors or for smaller concrete areas.

Nilfisk Advance CR1400:

nation sweeper and scrubber which can sweep and scrub either separately or in a single pass. The CR1400 is ideal for large applications such as warehousing facilities or large car parks. As the name suggests, this unit can scrub a 1.4m path.